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About Miami’s Performing Arts Center

About Miami’s Performing Arts Center Lord knows I have earnestly tried not to be among those who negatively comment on Miami’s Carnival Performing Arts Center and knit-pick at this, that, and the other. But there has been a great deal of complaining. And I have had kept my peace. Until now… There has been a […]

Enlarging the audience or shrinking the hall?

Drew McManus’ Adaptistration, is an excellent blog that deals with music and related issues. You can visit Drew at, and that will connect you to his blog. The Utah Symphony Orchestra has announced that it plans to deal with their dwindling audiences by blocking off a number of seats in Abravanel Hall, their main […]

More age footnotes

On a post dated March 4, 2007, Greg Sandow, one of my favorite bloggers and an insightful writer on music, classical and otherwise, wrote with his usual perspicacity about the positive state of audience development at the “new” Met in New York. As we often do, we had a pleasant exchange by way of the […]

Hazardous Work

Two young musicians with the Eugene (Oregon) Symphony – Kjersten J. Oquist, 36, and Angela Svendsen, 31 – were killed on February 11 of this year in a car crash caused by a driver heading down the freeway in the wrong direction as the women drove home after a rehearsal. Kelly Gronli, 28, was in […]

Blind Date by Mario Diament getting productions around the world

    With the exotic-sounding titles CITA A CIEGAS (Spanish), and LÁTATLAN TALÁLKOZÁSOK (Hungarian), Mario Diament’s play, BLIND DATE, which premiered at New Theatre in 2004 and went on to win the Carbonell Award that year for Best New Work, is getting productions all around the world. The Miami-based Argentine playwright and wife Simone recently […]

This just in: March 15, 2007

From Duh Land of Texas The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra recently announced that some of its concerts in the Friday Series of the Season 2007-2008 would be shortened by dropping movements from major symphonic works that are apparently too long for the attention span of the average FWSO concertgoer. There followed such an outcry from […]