Blind Date by Mario Diament getting productions around the world



With the exotic-sounding titles CITA A CIEGAS (Spanish), and LÁTATLAN TALÁLKOZÁSOK (Hungarian), Mario Diament’s play, BLIND DATE, which premiered at New Theatre in 2004 and went on to win the Carbonell Award that year for Best New Work, is getting productions all around the world.

The Miami-based Argentine playwright and wife Simone recently returned from Hungary, where they attended the European premiere of his play at Hungary’s largest state theatre: Miskolci Nemzeti Színház ( on February 16. The cast featured five of Hungary’s most respected actors – GYÖRGY BŐSZE, GYÖRGY SZATMÁRI, BERNADETT SZIRBIK, SZILVIA VÁRKONY, and ÁGI MÁHR – under the direction of ADINA LÉVAY.


The play had a sensational success in this city – Miskolci – which boasts the largest institutional theatre in Central Europe, founded in 1823. The playwright told me over lunch the other day that the company – employed as State Artists year-round – worked on the play for two months!


There is already a commission in the works from the Miskolci Nemzeti Színház for the season 2008-2009. I can’t help but express astonishment at and admiration for the breadth and depth of the season of this European theatre, with an Opera and Operetta branch, a main stage, and a second stage where tragedies by Shakespeare and plays by Hungarian authors, adaptations of novels by Kipling and Daniel Defoe, and a play by Miamian Mario Diament, coexist with Bizet’s Carmen and Offenbach’s Les Contes d’Hoffmann.


Meanwhile, there are upcoming productions in Bogotá, Colombia at the Teatro Nacional (, Lima, Perú at the theatre of the Alliance Française ( and one in the works in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid.) There is even a film deal being discussed…

All that success comes on the tails of the publication of Mario’s first novel, Martín Eidán, (Editorial Sudamericana, ISBN 950-07-2783-8) which has had terrific reviews in the Latin American press and which will be introduced to a wider public with a book signing by the author at the upcoming Feria del Libro in Buenos Aires.

Like the villain Dapertutto says in Offenbach’s Les Contes d’Hoffmann, “Scintille Diament!”





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  1. ltraiger
    Posted September 16, 2007 at 6:35 pm | Permalink

    Mr. Esta,

    I am a writer for a publication in Washington DC. I have had the good fortune to interview Mr. Diament for a story I am preparing on his play, Blind Date. I found the following quote by you:

    Mario’s writing is a rich and rare amalgam with a very strong dose of Jewish irony, gallows humor, and old-world philosophy in a happy mix with a sassy Argentine sensibility born not far from the bordellos where the tango was born. But all that fuses into a style that changes from play to play according to the dramatic requirements at hand. Mario is a true citizen of the world, a pragmatist, a disillusioned idealist with a deep love for theatre, life, and the arts.

    I would love to have permission to use it in my story. It provides a powerful contextualization of Mr. Diament’s work.

    Please let me know at the address above.

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