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In memory of Inelda Tajo

I met Inelda and Italo Tajo in 1967, when I transferred from Juilliard to CCM, just so I could study with my idol, Italo Tajo. Practically from day one the Tajo’s embraced me as surrogate parents, first as a bachelor, and then with Kimberly, my wife of forty years. Inelda and Italo were much more […]

Summer Events

This summer, in addition to our various presentations of Theater by the Book (go to I will be working with City Theatre (go to ) at the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. The two-program Summer Shorts runs from May 29 to June 22, 2008 in Miami and features in program “A” a […]

All Academia’s a Stage

Rafael de Acha With thanks to William Shakespeare All Academia’s a Stage And all the Ph. D’s merely players: They have their exits, if not tenured, And one Prof in his time plays many parts, His lectures being simply endless. At first, the Freshman, mewling and puking in th’advisor’s arms, And then the shining Sophomore, […]


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About Miami’s Performing Arts Center

About Miami’s Performing Arts Center Lord knows I have earnestly tried not to be among those who negatively comment on Miami’s Carnival Performing Arts Center and knit-pick at this, that, and the other. But there has been a great deal of complaining. And I have had kept my peace. Until now… There has been a […]